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Can sleeping with eye patch cause irritation

I hear somebody say sleeping with eye patch can cause irritation. Is that true? I am worry about it because i often do that. Please help.
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  • Jackson


    It is not true that sleeping with eye patch can cause irritation. To some extent, sleeping with eye patch is good for your eyes. On one hand, sleeping with eye patch can provide dark environment for you to sleep, which will help you get asleep and improve your sleep quality. On the other hand, using eye patch can help your eyes relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation in eyes. However, you must pay attention to choosing and using eye patch. Firstly you should choose eye patch which is not too tight for you to wear. Secondly, soft cotton eye patch is your first choice. Moreover, eye patch with dark color is better than that in light color as dark color can avoid light efficiently. Last but not the least, you should use your own eye patch and not to use others’ casually. Moreover, you should wash your eye patch twice a week to keep it clean.
  • Aaron lewis


    Yes, it may cause irritation for your eyes. You'd better not do this often. Because you wear the eye patches during the sleep, the eye surrounding complexion has little chance to breath. If the eye patches have no good function of permeability, it will irritate your eyes. So wearing eye patches during sleep is not suitable for the people with sensitive skin.
  • Arianna walker


    Personally, i don't think sleeping with eye patch will cause irritation. I never heard that. And i just search online and didn't find any evidence support sleeping with eye patch causes irritation. So, don't worry. if you really worry about it, you can give up eye patches when you sleep for the following days. Good luck.
  • Jacqueline hall


    Well, actually, your concern about whether sleeping with eye patch covering your eyes will cause irritation or not, is really unnecessary. Personally, wearing eye patch while sleeping, as I often do this, will not exert such feeling of irritation. Instead, by wearing eye patch when you are gonna get some sleep, will make you a quieter and sounder place to rest, which is able to improve your sleeping quality. But one thing to be noticed, try not to make the eye patch too tight.