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Vivid Burns


How to find a good pair of swimming goggles?

I've had a bad experience with goggles, they either didn't fit me or water still got in.So how to choose swimming goggles fitting on me and what goggles are considered to be good ?
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  • Kristy pierce


    The most important thing when choosing a goggle is to get a goggle that doesn’t leak and is comfortable for an extended period of time.Many of us have a face shape that is not a perfect fit for off the shelf goggles, meaning that lots of swimming goggles won’t fit us without some adjustment. One solution to this problem may well lie in a pair of goggles that can be adjusted around the nose, rather than a traditional pair of goggles where only the strap can be adjusted. You might need to try several styles to find a swim goggle that fits you perfectly. Therefore, it might be an idea to buy some inexpensive goggles in the style you think might work for you, and see how they fit. Afterwards, you can look for a pair of more stylish or higher quality goggles that have a similar design to the ones you like. source :
  • fergus


    The first thing you should do is think about what type of swimming you're doing. All goggles have different purposes.

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