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Mark Custis


What is the best swimming goggles to get that do a good job keeping water out?

I wear contact lens and I want to start swimming again so I would like to purchase some dependable goggles.Also, how much would they cost?
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  • Thomas keith


    Most people like speedo goggles, especially speedos vanquishers which may cost you about $15.However, some people like Swedish goggles such as the Speedo Swedish goggle or the Engine Psycho goggle which can be customized to fit your size properly.These goggles are much cheaper and they may cost you $3 a pair.You just choose one that is comfortable to wear.Personally I like speedos vanquishers which do keep the water out.


    You can go to Amazon to have a look, most of them are in high quality and qiute affordable price. I wear Aqua Sphere, cost me $30, worth the money.
  • Elvis Presley


    It depends on what kind of swimming goggles you would feel comfortable to wear.Personally I wear speedo and it do keep water from getting my eyes.And it is comfortable to wear.Hope this helps.