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Is squinting hereditary?

If my parents have squinting eyes. Does that mean i am in high risks of squinting? If so, is there any way to stop it?
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  • b2dar2dai2datt


    Well, yes, squint eyes are hereditary, in some degree. So if your parents have got it, it is possible for you to have squinting. But on the other hand, you also should know that except for hereditary squint eyes, people will suffer squinting eyes from excessive sunlight exposure. So you should also pay more attention to other causes to avoid it. As we know that when you get squinting, it can cause wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. To increase the risk, you can wear a hat or sunglasses to minimize squinting, when going out. Also, a good, high-SPF sunscreen is also essential. By the way, and squinting can also lead to eye strain, in some cases, so just be careful about it.
  • b0ycrazzy


    As usual, the squint can be hereditary, that is to say, if your mother or father the squint in the eyes, there are much more possibilities that you will also get the squint. According to the experts, the feature of the squint does not occur until at least after 3 months of age. Pls just relax yourself, because the squint is not a disease but a symptom of something more. As we all know that the squint is caused by the fact that the eye is poorer than the other eye, and then the development of eyes will be into lazy, finally you will get the squint as the brain just ignore the poorer eye. Yeah, if you want to stop the squint, you must finish it before 3 years old. Before that time, you can just check your eyes frequently so that both of the eyes can develop well, also once you find some problem, you should correct with the help from glasses or doctor. Now if you are older, then you can cure it by surgery; and pls take care of your eyes.
  • Alexia gerard


    Squint can be hereditary or familial but it cannot be detected during pregnancy and in theory it does not occur till at least after 3 months of age. Squint itself is not a disease but a sign & symptom of something more. That is to say if your parents have squinting eyes, there is high possibility for you to get the squinting eyes too. The poorer of the two eyes also starts to squint but can get better by glasses or other treatments alone. If you choose the surgery, you will avoid the squint eyes. If the vision does not improve then, the squint operation may fail to correct in the long run. However, with the high development of modern technology and medical care now, the surgery will be safe and effective.