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Can cell phones cause eye problems?

I heard using too much cell phone is bad for our health including our eyes. Can cell phones cause eye problems?
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  • Brandon


    Yeah, of course, the cell phone is harmful for our eyes, especially when you are making your eyes staring at your cell phone too much. As we all know that when the cell phone is working, it will release some radiation. When the radiation comes into your eyes, your vision will get weaker and weaker until someday you have to wear the glasses with prescription. Besides, when you focus on the cell phone, you cannot help stopping blink, which result in the lack of water of your eyes, and then you will feel you get dry eyes. Consequently, your eyes are easily ill, such as infection and your eyes maybe get irradiated. Anyway, you had better not make your eyes focus and stare at your cell phone for long time. As a friend, sincerely hope you can keep in mind that too much cell phone do harm for your eyes, otherwise, your eyes will get hurt someday. Good luck.
  • baker


    As a matter of fact, there are always some side effects of using cell phones too much. The side effects include dry eyes, bloodshot eyes, sour eyes, as well as a dramatic drop in your vision if you keep looking at the screen for a long time. Anyway, do not underestimate the problems it would bring. Just pay more attention to your eyes.
  • Savannah


    Well, I never heard that cell phones do harmful to people's eyes. But it is true that cell phone use is bad for our healthy, especially for brains and ears. My elder sister, a doctor, who told me that use too much cell phones just like eating poisonous substance. Every cell phone will engender exposure and beaming which can damage our nerves day by day. I guess some eye problems are related to cell phone use.
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