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Can bungee jumping damage your eyes?

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  • Celina


    It looks like you are very interested in bungee jumping right, which is one of the most exciting games in the world. But also, you should know that exciting games have a price, and bungee jumping would inevitably generate some damages to your eyes, because when you suddenly stops in the sky, your eyes and head would take in some hit, which is terrible. It is said that bungee jumping is not for people with serious myopia, so just take care of your eyes.
  • Darek Darkowski


    People if you incompetent plese stop giving advice because you only spread stupidity "walkerstalker2" you the most how incompetent someone must be to wrote that changing pressure will cause prone to bacteria "Celina" celina the only inevitably generate some damages your post to brain because to many stupidity. The most common injury associated with bungee jumping is damage to the eyes. When someone bungee jumps, blood flows to the head. This increases blood pressure. Increased blood pressure in the eye vessels can cause damage to the retina and conjunctiva - the mucous lining over the eyes. Although a hemorrhage may occur, these types of injuries generally result in temporary impaired vision - jumpers needn't be concerned about sustaining permanent damage.
  • walkerstalker2


    Yes, bungee jumping will cause the damage for your eyes because of the sudden stimulation at the eyes. The eyes pressure will rise largely suddenly. At the same time, the eyes ball surface will have the great burden. At that time, the eyes may easily get the invisible bacterium. If your eyes vision is not good, I suggest you not to do the bungee jumping.
  • Cassidy


    Well, bungee jumping is really a new exciting and dangerous activity. Many young people like it very much. Although advanced security facilities are already prepared, dangerous still exists. Blurred vision, dizzy and red eye may as a result of bungee jumping, exactly you are playing bungee jumping. If you have some eye disorders before playing it, the retina may be detachment. So if you really wanna play bungee jumping, see a doctor and take some notes. You also can purchase bungee jumping eyeglasses to avoid being loss of vision for the time being.

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