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Can reading too much cause astigmatism?

I heard that reading too much without rest is bad for eyes. Some people even get myopia because of reading too much. So, i just want to know if reading too much also cause astigmatism? Or any other eye disorder?
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  • campbell


    Well, in my opinion, reading too much can just lead to astigmatism, so you should be careful about it. Generally speaking, we know that astigmatism is merely a visual condition of the eye that is caused by its shape. And according to some researches, it can result in an eye that has two different powers, and also it splits the focus point into two different partial focus points. So if you read too much, it can just cause eye strain. And then eye strain can lead to astigmatism. At this moment, it also may lead to blurry vision, which is the most common symptom of astigmatism. By the way, you need know that shadow images, eye muscle spasms, eyestrain, and headaches can be possible too. Anyway, you should pay more attention to it.
  • Gillian


    No, reading too much will not cause astigmatism which is caused naturally. However reading too much will cause eye disorder. If the eye in different warp of refractive status or diopter not consistent, especially corneal surface curvature radius is not a spherical, the eye is in the absence of control mode, less 5 metres equal light. The eye of different warp inflectional after in the retina can't form a focus and not be in the formation of focal line. Thus the retina of the objective image will be blurry. The refractive error state is called astigmatism. If you have astigmatism, you need to pay attention to the use of eyes. You should have good rest for the eyes, keeping the healthy diet at the same time. You could wear the eye glasses to help you get the right vision.