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How to treat allergic eyes?

I got allergic eyes. Do you have any idea to treat it? What should i do?
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  • walker


    Ok, it is true that allergic eyes are quite annoying and could make you feel terrible. But there are some good strategies to help with them. I suggest that you take some ant-allergic eye drops, also, you could improve your immune system by taking proper exercise, and you can treat it by avoiding the allergic sources. Anyway, if the problem is really terrible, you might as well visit a doctor.
  • erinpoo130


    Well, nowadays it is common for many people to have allergy in their eyes. And then that can lead to allergic eyes in some cases. At that moment, it will be annoying and terrible. For example, when your eyes suffer allergic eyes, some symptoms such as itchy eyes, red eyes, watery eyes, even burning eyes can be possible. And to treat it, first, in my opinion, you need to try to find the allergic reasons, and then you can avoid them. Also, having some cold compresses on your eyes can be effective. Of course, if your eyes feel uncomfortable, you can just wear a pair of eye patch to protect them.

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