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Does anyone know difference between daily contact lenses and monthly contact lenses?

I plan to buy contact lenses to replace my eyeglasses. Can you tell which one is better, daily contact lenses or monthly contact lenses? Any difference?
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  • Austin


    As a matter of fact there is no difference between the feel or vision quality of a daily contact lens and a monthly contact lenses. The main difference is that with a daily lenses, you wear two new contact lenses each morning and throw them away when you take them out at night. On the other hand, monthly contact lenses must be washed each night in their one-month validity. If you are lazy, you can choose daily contact lenses. However, monthly contact lenses will save a lot of money for you.
  • Andrea lester


    Daily contact lenses can only use once in a day and they need to be throw away after using. But monthly contacts lenses can be used for a month. They have different advantages and disadvantages, so you need to choose which ones you like. Monthly contact lenses are a cost effective alternative to daily lenses, but you need to clean them daily. While you needn't clean daily lenses after using them, just throw them away, but the cost can be much higher.
  • Geoff


    As we know, the contact lenses can be divided into several types based on the using time. They are basically divided into daily contact lenses, monthly contact lenses, half year contact lenses and yearly contact lenses. That only means that you should wear the contact lenses within the expired time. Or else, the contact lenses may lose the original function.
  • Andy Carl


    About Extended Wear Contacts
    "There are a few potential downsides to extended wear lenses - as mentioned, people who wear lenses overnight are at greater risk of developing infection compared to those who remove, rinse, and store their lenses each day. The most common problem is giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC), where the inner eyelid displays symptoms similar to an allergic reaction with eye redness and accompanying discharge. Also, while less severe, the accumulation of deposits on extended lenses make wearing less comfortable and after a while, can interfere with vision. Lastly, the lack of oxygen while you're sleeping can lead to cornea swelling called corneal edema; which causes blurred vision.

    The bottom line is if you are looking for a convenient alternative to your contact lens wearing experience, extended wear contact lenses are definitely an option worth exploring. There are certainly potential hazards, but following proper care guidelines and paying close attention to what your eyes are telling you will help you avoid such dangers."

    About Daily Contacts (
    Aside from not having to clean and store daily disposables, there is an added benefit: Acuvue says there is clinical research that shows a fresh, brand new pair of lenses (made from etafilcon A) each day might in fact provide improved comfort for those with allergies. The discomfort and itching that usually comes with wearing contacts for allergy sufferers may be much less severe with daily disposables, compared to lenses that need to be replaced at greater intervals."

    You can find more details at and

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