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Do guys like girls with grey eyes?

How do you think of girls with grey eyes? Do you like them?
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Answers (3)

  • Lainey


    I have to say that depends, different people have different standards of beauty. For me, I think grey eyes are extremely cool. The girl with grey eyes always look like detached, they look like different, and they do not care about anything.This is the reason that makes them cool. However, they are likely to be looked very much kind, sensitive and sympathetic. In a word,I like the girls with grey eyes.
  • Arianna


    Some guys like the girls with grey eyes. However, different people have different favors. The girls with grey eyes will look big because of the dark color series. There are many grey colored contact lenses in the market which receive a lot of popularity among the young people. The grey color is always a good choice for most girls who want to show their eyes big.
  • cnpriest


    Ok, from what you said, you have got a pair of cinderella eyes, just like those in the fairy tale. Anyway, you should know that different people have various kinds of tastes and you cannot expect yourself to delight everybody right? So, just take it easy, and perhaps you could try some cosmetics to improve your looks and you can make your figure more sexy and charming to guys, that matters more, as a man I think so.