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Does vaseline help blepharitis?

Can i use vaseline to treat my blepharitis? Does it work? How?
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  • fergus


    Yes, of course Vaseline can help you to treat it. And generally speaking, when you suffer from blepharitis, your eyes will be red and swelling, even itchy in some degree. By using Vaseline, it can just do a good job to your symptoms, for Vaseline contains vitamin E and C. Besides, you can also try some warm compresses to treat it. By the way, blepharitis can lead to double vision and blurred vision. So just be careful about it. If the situation is serious, maybe you can go and ask the doctor to help you.
  • b3phoenix


    Yes, using vaseline will treat your blepharitis which will work so effectively. The chemical name of vaseline is glycerol which is very stable. After eating, it will not be digested and absorbed. It has no harm to human. The main characters of it are colorless, tasteless, transparent, jelly form liquid and non-toxic. The oral has a sweet taste which can be dissolved in water. It can keep the skin moisture. The intravenous injection can reduce blood pressure and cranial pressure, passing into the intestinal. That is why it treats your blepharitis which may be caused by the infection. The vaseline will be indeed a very good moisturizing supplies. As we know, people can add the fragrance from the general skin product. Those who are allergic at the skin are appropriate to use the vaseline. Besides the function of making the facial skin moisture, it can also try in the nasal cavity with point vaseline. In addition, it also can help stop bleeding. If you have the blepharitis, you could try the vaseline.
  • garcia


    You can apply a gracile layer of vaseline over your eyelid after you clean the affected part. You can clean the affected area with 3% boric acid solution or warm water with a little salt or soda. Use a neat and tidy absorbent cotton soaked with the solution to wash the infected part from the inner part to the outer part, bear in mind not to wash to and fro in case of damage to eyes. Vaseline has the function of preventing the affected area from contacting the germ in the air, hence reducing the possibility of infection.