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Cary Green


Can i wear makeup with a corneal ulcer?

I suffer corneal ulcer now. Is it OK if i wear makeup right now? Will it affect my eyes?
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  • eddy


    I suggest that you had better not wear makeup. As you are suffering corneal ulcer, the cornea is in an inflammatory or infective condition involving disruption of its epithelial layer and the corneal stroma. However, the makeup may consist of some chemicals, which can stimulate the cornea, making the situation worse. And if you wear makeup in a wrong way, it can affect your eyes.
  • Jordan smith


    No, you should not wear the makeup when you have the corneal ulcer because of the invisible bacterium in the material of the makeup. It may let your eyes get serious at the corneal ulcer. You should protect your eyes carefully and accept the medical care. You'd better stay at home and not sit in front of the computers for a long time with little rest for the eyes.
  • Ariana oliver


    Oh, I know you are eager to apply cosmetics to your face maybe it is your habits. However, you should know that corneal ulcer is one of the most complicated and serious problems with your eyes, which could even lead to blindness you know? Eye makeups are quite irritative to your eyes for the time being, just try to stay away from them until you get fully recovered. You just need to get some effective treatment in the hospital, if you want to stay healthy and visible.

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