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Is hardening the same as anti-reflective?

My eyedoctor has listed hardening on my bill. When I asked what hardening is he told me it was the anti-reflective surface. Are they one in the same as others have not heard of this.
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  • walker8016


    Every lens has different coatings made for different purposes. there are coatings meant to protect the lenses and coatings intended to protect your eyes and improve vision. there is no lens with anti-reflective layer that does not have hardening coating, so they are together on the lens, but not the same thing. 
  • Angela tuener


    From the first category, I can mention the hardening coating, the hydrophobic and oleofob layers (keeps the lenses clean and spotless).From the second category, I will mention the photochromatic coating, the anti-reflective coating, The polarized coating etc.These are the coatings that optimize the quantity of light that reaches your eyes, so you have an optimal vision and comfort. As you can see, the two layers you mentioned are two different things and have different functions so the two cannot be the same.