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Blanca C.


Can a 8 yr old wear contact lenses ?

I am 8 years old. Is it bad for me to wear contact lenses?
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  • Gabriella rupert


    From Medical point of view, the age of using contact lenses has no limit, only the difference of indications and inadaption. Contact lenses is useful to treat strabismus and amblyopia timely, thus it has a very important significance. However, you must notice the health of using it, and not wear too long time.
  • catgay2005


    You gotta be kidding me ,little kid. I wonder if you are precisely the boy or girl , or his or her parents. So, this is absolutely ridiculous and out of the question. Of course it would be inappropriorate for the kid to wear contact lenses , which could have some negative impacts on the kid's eyes, even leading to some bad development of his eyes. So, you should take him to the eye clinic and get a pair of prescription glasses under the doctor's surveillence.
  • Cameron giles


    Yes, it is so bad for you to wear the contact lenses. Children under 13 are not appropriate to wear the contact lenses because their eyes are not developed completely. It is the dryness that is main symptom. And wearing the contact lenses may cause other eye problems. You should not wear the contact lenses.

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