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Are blue lenses in sunglasses bad for your eyes?

When i was choosing sunglasses in the store, someone told me that blue lenses sunglasses may hurt your eyes. is this true?
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  • Browman


    No. And it might help to have someone with a background in science and optics answering this instead of folks repeating random stuff they were told in sales pitches at the sunglass shop. All tinted lenses will diminish the amount of light reaching the eye, blue and otherwise. Blue lenses would simply allow some more blue light through- no more than wearing clear lenses, or no lenses whatsoever. The biggest negative effect of a blue lens would come in situations involving depth perception- blue lenses will make the perimeter of objects appear "softer" and more out-of-focus, and as a result, can effect depth perception. Blue lenses will have zero factor in so called "blue light" or "HEV light" damaging the eye. There is also a growing body of evidence that the "blue light scare" has been blown out of proportion by lens manufacturers (most notably Essilor, a lens conglomerate that controls the majority of all prescription lens manufacturing in the world- yes, the world) in order to sell HEV "filters" that cost significantly more than standard anti-reflective lens treatments. While blue light can and will cause eyestrain and can effect circadian rhythms leading to sleep disturbance, it's looking more and more like it takes a greater amount of HEV to have these effects and that its long-term harm has been overexaggerated. TLDR: I have almost ten years experience in the optics field and a BS with a minor in biology. Blue sunglasses are not "bad" for you. I wouldn't drive with them though.
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    Anybody who answers yes they are bad for you are not considering this fact. Without wearing sunglasses period you are exposing your eyes to all the colors from white light not just blue. Blue, pink, red, purple. All these visible colors from the E.S. are damaging your eyes. So the question should be: Do blue lenses look cool on me? The answer, yes. Do you want healthy eyes? Get a pair of polarized sunglasses that protect all sides of your eyes from harmful radiation.
  • Ryan warren


    Yes. Blue tinted sunglasses are bad for eyes because this kind of sunglasses won't filter the blue light which will cause damage to eyes. It is said that blue light is related to AMD, so we should choose sunglasses that can filter blue light to protect eyes from being damaged. Blue tinted sunglasses will let blue light pass through the lenses and then reach the eyes, so you'd better not choose blue lenses in sunglasses.
  • Cameron giles


    Yes. Usually, brown and grey colored lenses are recommended. And you shall avoid to wear blue lenses in sunglasses because they are harmful. That because blue lenses can cause some harmful blue light into eyes that will cause eye damages. However, grey and brown light can filter blue light thus to protect the eyes. Besides, not all sunglasses can prevent UV rays, you must choose sunglasses with UV protection if you want to get eye protection.

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