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What causes blurred vision in children?

Recently my 11 year old daughter always complained of blurred vision. It usually happened when reading and continually for objects far away. But the opthamologist said her eyes look totally healthy. What are the causes for such problem?
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  • Sally


    There are many factors that can cause blurry vision in children, such as dry eyes, eye fatigue and some vision problems like myopia, astigmatism and so on. If you child often get blurry vision, you should take her or him to have an comprehensive eye exam to figure out the exact cause of blurry vision. If it is caused by vision problems, then he or she need to wear corrective lenses or try other ways to help them deal with this problem. If it is caused by eye fatigue, it indicates that the eyes need time to rest and relax.
  • Gail


    Since the doctor said there were nothing wrong with her eye, I think you may take her daily nutrition seriously because sometimes blurred vision may be ensued from malnutrition. You can supply the daily meal with a protein source such as evaporated milk, eggs, meat or liver for your child. And she is suggested not to read for a long time. Also she should avoid reading at night as reading at night is not good for the vision.

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