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Does eating carrots improve your eyesight?

Does eating carrots improve your eyesight? Is there anyone who really improves his eyesight by eating carrots?
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  • b1ttersw33t7


    No. Eating carrots will not improve your eyesight but maintain eyesight. As we all know, carrots contain Vitamin A which can help maintain eyesight. And there is also beta carotene in carrots, which can convert to vitamin A. So eating carrots can help maintain eyesight. While lack of viyamin A will lead to night blindness. Although carrots cannot help improve eyesight, they can be beneficial for maintaining eyesight. However, this doesn't mean you should eat too much carrots to maintain your eyesight. A balanced diet is the most important.
  • Joshua?


    Carrots can NOT improve eyesight technically. As we all known, the vegetable provides different kinds of nutrition to human beings. The carrot contain beta carotene, people can get vitamin A when the body converting it. However, it’s helpful for human beings to maintain eyesight instead of improving it. No miracle would improve eyesight with eating a large number of carrots. And carrots definitely could help human beings to against night blindness. Though carrots could be benefit to your health, you can’t overdo.

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