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Why do our eyes close when we eat something sour?

Every time, i eat something sour, i close my eyes unconsciously. What causes it?
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    The sour taste sends a message to our brain. If the brain reads it as a negative message, then our eyes will have a negative reaction.
  • Andrea lester


    As far as I know, when we eat something sour, we tend to close our eyes, and the facial muscles will unconsciously be tight. This is one of the biological reactions we ordinary people may encounter during our lifetimes, because the nervous system is irritated and it will automatically protect us.
  • Zoe may


    When you eat something sour, you will close your eyes unconsciously. This is caused by the conditioned response. When you eat something sour, the nerves will be stimulated which will then affect to the eye nerves. That is why you close your eyes. It is the nerve that makes the eyes get closed.
  • Antonius


    Short answer, nerves, it's nothing dangerous