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What are negative effects of rubbing my eyes?

I heard that it is bad to rub eyes frequently. So, can you tell me what are the negative effects of rubbing eyes? What's your ideas?
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  • Kachun


    It is very bad to rub eyes. According to Adjunct Professor Charles Mcmonnies, many activities could increase the eye pressure, including rubbing eyes, weightlifting, and sleeping face down and so on. Any touch with eye lids will cause eye pressure spike. Meanwhile, I think we touch everything with our hands in our daily life. If we use our hands to rub eyes without washing, this action might bring bacteria or virus into eyes, which can also cause conjunctivitis. Sanity of eyes is very important. And if eye pressure is too high, it will cause glaucoma. So please don't rub your eyes but protect them.
  • charles


    Rub eyes because your eyes feel uncomfortable, which may caused by dry eyes, allergies, infections, irritants and so on. When you rub your eyes, you push against the eyeball itself, causing pressure to build at the back of the eye socket, lead to much more severe problems with the eyes further down the track. So, you'd better take actions to prevent worse developments.
  • elmos_world_05


    It is so bad for you to rub the eyes frequently. There are many negative effects of rubbing eyes. You may not find that there is the invisible bacterium in your eyes which will make your eyes get infection and inflammation. You should better not rub your eyes because of the bacterium in the hands. At the same time, your eye may get red which will make the eyes feel not comfortable.

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