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Are there home remedies for an eye ulcer?

I have eye ulcer. Can you tell me some home remedies to help me? Pls
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  • christraper


    Yes, there is the home remedy for you to treat the eye ulcer. As the genetic carcinogenic quality, the eye ulcer is palpebral at the edge part. It can be caused by the lack of pigment, long time of sun exposure, the strong ultraviolet radiation and malnutrition. The eye ulcer can be the serious problem which you should take notice of. As what has said above, you could treat the ulcer by the intake a lot of nutritious food, stay at home and not go out to meet the sunshine. All these home remedies will help you have the good situation in the eye ulcer. You could also do the surgery to cure the eye ulcer totally. However, this surgery will cut many parts of your eyes which may let your eyes organism parts get affected. And the surgery will have many side effects. You'd better think carefully of whether you take the surgery.
  • Jada shelley


    It is a known that stress can cause ulcer in the eye, so you can eat more meals but with less quantity, participating in stress-reducing activities, such as yoga and meditation. Or you can eat two to three bananas each day to alleviate distress in the digestive system, that it helps with the eye ulcer. What is more, you can drink three to five glasses of cabbage juice as a effective home remedy to relieve eye ulcer.
  • walkamong123


    Well, generally speaking, as we know that a corneal ulcer can be caused if the clear coating and cornea has been rubbed or irritated. In this way, it will also lead to a small tear or cut. So for people who get this disease, it will be painful. In some cases, it can make your eyes infected easily. You should remember that it can be the risk of vision loss. Anyway, just be careful. When you have some symptoms, you should go and see an eye doctor. And the eye drop will be dropped frequently. Also, a cold compress and Ibuprofen can be used to prevent eye pain. But the most essential task is to have an eye test.