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Are glow in the dark contacts bad for your eyes ?

Can i wear contact lenses with glow in the dark color? Or it can causes damages to eyes? Any idea?
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  • electriikheartx


    There are so many kinds of contact lenses in the market now. You can wear the contact lenses with glow in the dark color. However you should take several tips into consideration. You should not wear it for more than eight hours a day. You should just put the contact lenses in the solution after you take them off. You should also keep the good diet to moisture the eyes. If you do all the above ones, the contact lenses with glow in the dark color will not cause damages on your eyes.
  • Isabelle


    Yes, you can wear them. Like most contact lenses. you need wear the correct size which fits your properly so that they won't hurt your. Contact lenses of a wrong size may have side effects on your eyes, such as scrapes, scratches, foreign sensations, or even ulcer and infection on your cornea.
  • Dylan duncan


    They absolutely do not hurt if you wear them just for fun and not wear it for days each time. I always use colored contacts for Halloween, theatrical or novelty uses. Nowadays, neon glow-in-the-dark UV lenses or special-effect lenses are cool. It is worth mentioning that the lenses need to be properly prescribed and cared for, your practitioner will give you the to-do list. In US , you may not legally buy a novelty contact with medical devices without a contact lens prescription. The legitimate source for purchasing are absolutely needed, especially when you decided to buy them on the online stores. The proper way to wear the lenses is also important, like washing your hand thoroughly, keeping your nail short and storing the lenses by soaking in its special liquid.