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Sherri H


Are hard contacts bad for your eyes ?

It seems there is a small group of people who choose hard contact lenses. Why? Are hard contact lenses bad for the eyes?
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  • Michelle percy


    No, on the contrary, hard contact lenses are better for our eyes than soft ones, because they cause less damage. The only disadvantage is that you may feel uncomfortable the first time you wear it. Hard contact lenses, also called rigid gas permeable contact lenses, allow oxygen to enter the cornea, so it is less likely for them to cause macular degeneration which is often caused by wearing soft contact lenses for too long.
  • Brandon evelyn


    A contact lens, or simply contact, is a lens placed on the eye. They are medical devices used to correct vision, for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons. Hard contact lenses are generally known as semi-rigid gas permeables and they are now made of plastic-like material, while soft lenses are made of plastic-like material but their flexibility is rather like Sarin wrap used on foods. The most bad effect on wearing hard contact lenses is uncomfortable and no air is allowed to passage. In addition, blink more is also required to keep eye moisten and comfortable. Plus, hard contact lenses make eyes run tears easily.
  • emmie18


    Usually a lot of first wearers of contact lenses will choose the hard types because of the easy wearing character. They will not be bad for the eyes, just like other contact lenses. However wearing the contact lenses makes you keep the good habit of using your eyes and your hygiene habit. You should take notice of this.
  • Rebecca


    Though hard contacts had excellent optical qualities, they were not oxygen-permeable, and the front surface of the eye needs plenty of oxygen to stay healthy. Also, old-fashioned hard lenses were not as comfortable as modern GP lenses.
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