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Why do my sunglasses keep breaking ?

I am not good at choose sunglasses. I have bought several pairs of sunglasses. But it always broken. Why?
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  • James green


    On one hand, the sunglasses you bought before may have bad quality. Nest time you buy sunglasses, you need to pay attention to the brand, word of mouth, the material of its frame and lens. The toughest sunglasses lens material is polycarbonate. The most durable material for sunglasses frames is TR-90. On the other hand, you need to know how to maintain your sunglasses. When you don't wear them, you need to put them in the right place where sharp and acute things like coins and keys can't hurt them. It's best for the sunglasses to be put in eyeglasses box. Besides, they should be put with lens up and frames down.
  • elite_couture


    Your sunglasses are always broken. The reason may be related with your position of putting them. You should put them in the case of the eyeglasses to avoid the dust from outside and keep them good and clean. You should not put them at any place whenever you do not use it. At the same time, you should choose the high quality sunglasses, like the ray ban sunglasses which will be owned with perfect lenses and frames.
  • Katelyn owen


    This really depends on the poor quality of your sunglasses and your ill-mannered glasses use. Proper usage and care for the sunglasses will be recommened. I have five pairs of glasses, three of which are my regular glasses. So, you may need to take turns in your sunglasses. The main reason why your favourite ones broke down in a certain period is your frequent-used, reducing their servicing life. A specifically-designed micro-fiber cloth are great for eyeglasses. Besides, soap and warm water must be the good company for cleaning the lenses. Further, you actually need a commercial eyeglass lens cleaner.There is needless to say, when picking out a new pair of sunglasses, the brand of the glass play an important role in its quality. As we all know, the name on a box simply identified what was inside.

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