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Why do my contacts move out of place?

Sometimes my contacts will move out of its place. At that time, my eyes will feel uncomfortable. Why does that happen? Any solutions?
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  • etilnus


    It is normal for lenses to slide when you are wearing contact lenses. However, the lenses may not fit well with you when the contacts move out of its place and go too far. You are suggested to have your radiant of your cornea measured and find a brand contact lenses which fit well with your radiant measure.
  • aaron


    Sometimes your eyes lack water which causes the contact lenses to move in another place. Or the contact lenses are not the suitable size for you. That could also cause the movable character of the contact lenses. You should better wear it in less time. Wearing too much time will harm your eyes and cause the dryness. You should protect your eyes.
  • Rebecca


    If the diameter and base curve is incorrect or the contact lenses is too small or too big, which will cause discomfort.When your lens fits properly, the lens should cover the entire cornea and it should be moving slightly with each blink. If it%u2019s moving a lot, wearers will experience dryness, irritation, itchiness, etc. If it%u2019s moving too little, it can become irritated and red with blurry vision. Keep in mind most people should be able to wear contact lenses for up to 12 hours comfortably if it fits right
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  • Christopher dale


    It's normal that new contacts move out of its place if you wear first several times, but if the solution last few days, maybe the base curve of the contacts is too big and not suitable, you'd better change the contacts. And another reason causes contacts moving out of its place, that is dry eyes, you can use special contact lens solution. But the best way to prevent it is to reduce the time of wearing contacts, and find a chance to see a doctor.

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