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Where can i get black glasses like jersey shore vinny wears?

I am looking for the black glasses that jersey shore vinny wears. Can you tell me where can find it?
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  • b3autyqu33nof17


    The sunglasses worn by jersey shore vinny is "Wayfarers." They are a design of the Ray-Ban corporation, and an official pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers retails for about $150. Actually, it has different colors you can choose. If you want to buy it, i recommend you to go shopping online, because of its cheaper price and convenience. Here is the link:
  • walker626


    Well, I quite understand that you are fascinated by jersey shore vinny. So, as far as I know, the type of the black glasses he wears is not different from ours, I mean, they are just conventional black glasses, which is quite accessible. Here I would like to recommend Walmart vision center to you, they have lots of outlets and shops, where you can find various types of that black glasses at a nice price.
  • Jonah


    The black glasses that jersey shore vinny wears is really cool which will make you look wise and knowledgeable. You could click the key words like black eyeglasses into the text box in the online page. Then you will see a lot of such type of eyeglasses. You could go to the walmart to have a look because the price there is relatively cheaper than those in other online stores.

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