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Can dehydration cause visual snow ?

Is it possible to get visual snow from dehydration? How can dehydration affect our vision?
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  • Michael?


    Visual snow refers to the phenomenon that people see thickly dotted spots when they see things, which is especially obvious when they are watching the skies at night or the dark places after the light is off. The exact causes of visual snow is still in discussion, while the patients with migraineur usually suffer from the visual snow. It is supposed that the visual snow is also related with high pressure, overuse of eyes, and so on. Dehydration might be one factor to cause visual snow. Dehydration can lead to dry eyes, because the eyes need plenty of water to keep themselves moist as well as transporting nutrients and wastes. If the eyes lack water due to dehydration, the eyes will feel dry, itchy, and fatigue, which makes it hard to see things clearly. Therefore, drinking water and taking vegetables and fruits is very important to the normal function of eyes.
  • aaron


    Yes, it is very possible for you to get visual snow from dehydration because of the damage on the eyes nerves. Your eyes will be too dry which could cause the damage of the visual nerves. You should eat more food with vitamin C which will moisture your eyes. You should eat more vegetables and fruits which will be so helpful for your eyes.
  • chrisss_129


    The causes of visual snow is not clear at present, however we usually regard it as mental disease rather than an eye problem as it is always accompanied with abnormal stimulation in nervous centralis(the symptom can be delusion.) As dehydration can lead to acute or chronic renal insufficiency, and the health of our viscera (here is kidney)does matter a lot to our eyes(as they determine the provision of blood to eyes), so that will affect our eyes’ condition. You may know that one of the complications of diabetes is the eye problems. And the lack of renal drainage function can induce the water intoxication which will influence the nervous centralis so that may help develop the visual snow. Hope that will help.

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