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Jonathan griffin


Can glasses correct cataracts?

Can wearing glasses affect on our eyes? Is it possible to cause cataracts? Or what are the factors of cataracts?
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  • eatmyhartout


    Glasses can be divided into several virieties, according to their own applications, such as reading glasses usually for aged people, myopic glasses for nearsighted people, hypermetropic glasses for farsighted people, sunglasses to screen off the ultraviolet rays, and so on and so forth. As long as you wear the right kind of glasses according to your personal condition, and as long as you wear them in a correct way, glasses can not do much harm to eyes, instead, they can protect the eyes or help correct the prescription of the eyes. On the other hand, cataracts are the result of degeneration and muddy condition of the crystalline lenses. There are some factors for cataracts. First of all, it can be that the eyes have been excessively exposed to the ultraviolet rays, which is quite easily to cause the lesion of crystalline lenses. Secondly, as time goes by and the age of people increases, the deposits of wastes accumulated in the crystalline lenses are finally able to completely impede the vision, thus making people cannot see and become blind because of cataracts, which usually happens among the group of aged people. Thirdly, nowadays too much work and high pressure can also cause to cataracts, which makes cataracts more frequently seen among young people. In addition, trauma, malnutrition and poisoning can also cause cataracts.
  • Erika


    Usually wearing eyeglasses will not affect on our eyes except for the nose print. It will have little possibility to cause cataracts. The main cause of getting cataracts is the old age. With age growing, the eyes will get the unclear thing which will have the affection on the right visual side. Once you get cataracts, you need to take the medical care to treat it. Or the surgery is workable.
  • Alexandria


    In spite of adjusting our vision, wearing glasses can make our eye balls out of shape. However it will not cause cataracts as cataracts is a kind of disease led by inter lenticular opacity. Despite of genetic factor, there are following factors can cause the disease: senile cataract (with the generation of metabolism) usually falls into 3 types according to different opacity places: 1.cortical cataract 2.nuclear cataract 3.posterior subcapsular cataract Diabetes can also cause cataracts as it can damage the subtle vessels behind the eyes. Inter eye inflammation like uveitis can also cause the disease. Eye injuries like ocular contusion or erforated foreign body into the lens can be another factor. Other circumstances like corticosteroids, malnutrition, exposure under ultra violet and acute diarrhea can also promote the development of the disease. Hope that will help.

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