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Adam peters


Does heat make a black eye worse?

Can heat bad for eyes? Is it possible to make my black eyes worse? Or what shall i do to reduce it?
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  • walkendeath


    You can apply an ice pack or a clean towel wrapped with the ice to your eyes in the first few days to keep down swelling and reduce internal bleeding and fluid accumulation by constricting the capillaries. Also, ice has an effect of cooling and numbing the area so that you will not feel that painful. Then you can apply heat to the area to accelerate the healing process. A few days later, the bruise will heat on itself without any special treatment. During this period, you have to avoid athletic or other fierce activities to protect your ocular part from further injury. Also, if you feel painful, you can take analgesic drugs to relieve it. Wish you recover from the black eyes soon.
  • walkietalkie131


    Yes, heat can be bad for eyes which will make the eyes easily get the invisible bacterium. It is possible for you to make the black eyes worse. In order to reduce it, you could do the cold compress to release your black eyes which will be so effective and workable. You could have a try by finding the cold water and clean cloth.
  • Kelly gary


    Yes, frequent and continious heat can be quite harmful for the eyes because there is large amount of thermal radiation and infrared rays in the heat, which will make the eyes feel very dry, the injury in the optic organism, and so on. People whose eyes are usually in the environment of heat possess higher rate of getting optic lenticular opacity and serious vitreous opacity which can develop into cataracts. Therefore, if you are in a heat environment, you had better wear protective eyewear. As to black eyes, heat can indeed to some extent make the black eyes even worse. To reduce the black eyes, you should first of all make sure that you get adequate amount of sleep at night, do not usually stay up late at night. Second, you can apply some eye scream on the skin under your eyes and massage the skin for a minute or two, do it every day, two or three times a day. Also you can put sliced cucumber, apple or potato on the surface of your closed eyes, for about ten munites each time. Besides, do not stay at front of the computer or the TV for too long.

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