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Can high blood pressure cause cataracts?

How can high blood pressure work my eyes? Is it possible to cause cataracts? Why or why not?
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  • crockettcastle


    In some cases, high blood pressure can impact the eyes and may be able to cause cataracts, If people get high blood pressure for a very long time and once the blood pressure is not under control, there might be a hypertensive retinopathy. If so, there will be symptoms such as fundus hemorrhage, which will definitely cause decling eyesight. Many people who get high blood pressure all have obvious decline in vision and even get blindness. And researches have shown that high blood pressure is also a proegumenal cause of cataracts and that the chance for people to get cataracts caused by high blood pressure is high than other normal causes. Therefore, people with high blood pressure should be careful to control their blood pressure, eat more foods which can reduce the blood pressure in case of getting cataracts.
  • RJ


    Well, high blood pressure do increase the risk of developing cataract. And recently a study found that the drugs you take will increase the risk of catching cataract. Drugs like beta blockers and ACE inhibitors will increase the possibilities. Cataract is a eye disease that a clouding of the lens block our vision. The study find that beta blockers increase the risk of cataracts by 45% and ACE inhibitors increase by 54%

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