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Yaron Cheng


Are there any home remedy for high eye pressure?

I was diagnosed with high eye pressure. It makes me in high risks of some eye problems. Is there any home remedy that i can do to reduce the eye pressure? Please help.
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  • Jordan owen


    The best home remedies for treating high blood pressure are sourcing from your diet. Research has shown that celery is a vegetable that helps lower blood pressure. Due to the oil in the celery can relax and dilate the muscles to regulate blood pressure. Another good choice is black seed oil, which help reduce cholesterol and control high blood pressure. Hence, you can intake one teaspoon of black seed oil each day. Additionally, vitamin D is an effective solution to lower blood pressure because it helps blood vessel. And potassium-rich food benefits for high blood pressure, like bananas, spinach, oranges. However, if you have any kidney problem, potassium-rich food can harm to your health.
  • tuener


    There are many home remedies for the high eye pressure. You can eat the bananas which will help you calm down the mood because of the inner ingredients. You could also have a good rest for the eyes, with no big fluctuating mood. You could also use some warm cloth to cover on the eyes to make the eyes get release.
  • Joseph campbell


    Well, actually, high eye pressure is kind of dangerous for it can lead to some other eye diseases, such as the red eyes and bloodshot. And in some cases, it can make your eyes bleeding. So just take some measures to make it low. First, you can sip fluids all the time. By sipping small amounts of fluids constantly, it will keep eye pressure from increasing too much. Also, you can use some eye drops, such as beta blockers or carbonic anhydrase inhibitors which are good to reduce eye pressure. By the way, you should know that regular exercise will help reduce the pressure too. so just have some exercises.