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Jose joyce


What is the difference between blue eyes and grey eyes?

From appearances, i think blue eyes are more attractive. But Is there any other difference between blue eyes and grey eyes?
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  • Angela tuener


    Well, a lot of guys have the same curiosity, wondering whether they are different from each other in other ways other than the appearance difference. So, actually, from what I know, there are nearly no other differences between them because the color of our eyes is decided by genes and it is only a matter of biological difference. If you really admire blue eyes, you might as well try some colored contact lenses, Walmart is a good alternative for you.
  • andrew


    Except the color which is decided by the eyes genes, there is no big difference between blue eyes and gray eyes. Many people think the blue eyes are attractive. Now the color of eyes can be changed through wearing the colored contact lenses. You could get whatever the color of contact lenses you like.
  • edjuice


    I agree with you about the blue eyes are more attracting view.But actually there is no difference between blue eyes and grey eyes except the color.It's generally known that human's eyes are different because of the genetic reason.But most of the people will think highly of one particular color,but as I can see,that's based on personal preference. If you like blue eyes but you don't have,you can wear cosmetic contact lenses with blue.

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