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Zoe murphy


What brand of glasses does wolf blitzer wear?

Do you know what the brand of the glasses that wolf blitzer wears? Where can i find it? Any suggestion?
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  • Matthew baker


    Those glasses are quite pervasive now and are called reading glasses. However, when it comes to the specific brand that he chooses, we simply have no idea, however, there are indeed a lot of good brands that sell reading glasses, such as Gucci, or Ray Ban, you could get them at some large optical center or shopping malls, such as Bergdof Goodman.
  • Jerry


    Some people say that Wolf Blitzer wear the old-time perfect Oval glasses in the online page. Actually that kind of glasses is really cool and fashionable. If you like that type, you could go to the near eyeglasses store to have a look. If you want to find the safe and effective way to buy, you could go to the online store like amazon to have a look.
  • Vanessa


    Well, he often changes his eyeglasses, presto, chango -- Blitzer had swapped his classic wire rimmed glasses to something. Recently he purchased a new pair of eyeglasses which really makes him hip and cool. Plastic-rimmed frames are so fashionable that many famous people fall in love with them. But where and how to get them? Well, relax, can handle it. Firmoo, world's most popular online eyeglasses store and offers all kind of affordable eyeglasses and contacts lenses included plastic-rimmed frames. Rimmed glasses are the most classic eyeglasses style and the prices around $8.00-$50.00. If you are a new customer for firmoo, you can get a free pair of eyeglasses at first purchase. At last, here is a link that can help you get your favorite one as soon as possible. It is

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