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How soon can you swim after laser eye surgery?

I just take an laser eye surgery three days ago. Can i go to swim right now? Or how soon can i to a swim?
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  • Angela tuener


    I am afraid that you can not go to swim right now. I should point out it is not the actual swimming activity that will do harm to your eyes but instead the chlorine in the swimming pool is not good for your eyes after laser eye surgery. In the eye laser surgery a flap is created in the eye which needs to heal completely, otherwise you will have to conduct another surgery. In the process of eye recovery, you are now allowed to rub eyes or do things that may affect and infect the eye. After laser eye surgery your eyes are more likely to be infected and you should use eye drops now and then. As to swimming, you'd better go to swim at least 4-6 weeks later, with protective swimming goggles on. All you have to do is prevent the chlorine to get into the eye and make the eye infected before totally heal.
  • duncan


    No, you could go to swim after the laser eye surgery which will be so bad for the eyes. You need to protect the eyes very much. The laser eye surgery is now the popular one which is received high popularity among people with short sighted phenomenon. This grinding operation is the mainstream in corneal flap procedures of substrate layer cutting and maintain the corneal epithelium and elastic layer before complete. It can avoid most of the complications PRK characteristic is widened the scope of myopic degree treatment. It uses a tiny knife in the cornea cut out a pedicle of the thin layer corneal flap, open the valve and the valve descending laser cutting. Then the valve complex is in situ. This can be used for low to medium height myopic. You need to do the good rest for the eyes. Usually you will get basic recovery after a month after the surgery. However you'd better wait for three month's general recovery and go to swim which may contain the invisible bacterium in the swimming pool. You need to wear the swimming goggles to protect the eyes.

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