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What color eyeshadow for hazel eyes?

I have hazel eyes. Now, I just want to learn eye makeup for a good look. But there is a problem, i don’t know what colored eyeshadow suit for me? Do you have any good idea?
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  • Eric quick


    Eye makeup is a magic thing, because it can make people's eyes more shining. But to learn it well is not an easy thing. As you mentioned, you have hazel eyes, so it is slightly difficult to choose the proper eyeshadow for you. But don't worry, we do have some suggestions. As hazel eyes can be easily distinguished from brown, brown gold, and green colors. So these colors may be the best choices for you. Also depending on the color tone of your hazel eyes, you can pick the proper eyeshadow from the colors I suggestion you easily.
  • Jordyn adams


    As for hazel eyes, it is a little difficult to choose the proper colored eyeshadow. But thanks to our experiences, we find that purple is the best choice for hazel eyes, because when it is applied to hazel eyes, the dark tone of it can help you to highlight the appearance of such beautiful eyes. Believe me, it is really a good choice. Finally, for an eye makeup learner, I think that buying an eyeshadow in color palettes is also a good idea, because you can experiment with many different color combinations. After that, I'm sure you can find the color which suits you best.

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