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Brian Hermelijn


Which Rose Water you can use for eye allergy?


I have been researching on finding a natural way to relief/prevent eye allergies. And rose water seems to be he most used term for eye allergy. Although none of them stated which is used for the eyes etc. So I would like to ask which rose water is used for he eyes?

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  • Jada


    Eye allergies is extremely irritating, painful and annoying. The most common causes of an eye allergy includes: molds, pollen, dust, mites, hair, grass etc. Rose water is one of the natural ways to relieve eye allergy. However, as far as I am concerned, no information shows which rose water is the best for curing eye allergy. But rose water contains the calming material which can release the eyes parts, so it is very useful to cure eye allergy. Here is the right way to use it, drop three to four drops in each eye, then hold the eyes closed for a few minutes to allow the water to work. Also there are many other natural ways, such as cold compress, warm salt water etc. I hope that this may help you in a way.