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Sara scott


What causes an eye stye?

I was diagnosed with eye stye. My eyelids are red and puffy. Also, i feel itchy on the eyelids sometimes. It is really boring. What causes it? Is there anyway that i can do to prevent it in further life?
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  • Dan Samberg


    Usually, a stye is caused by an acute infection or the inflammation of the secretary glands of the eyelids. Often, if you get eye stye, the lump appears with a white or yellow spot, and it is really painful and annoying. If you often get styes, the following tips may help you avoid them. First, you should relax your eyes as soon as possible when your eyes get tired. Moreover, you should keep your eyes clean all the time, because it is the main cause of stye. I hope these may help you.
  • Dawn C.


    If your eyelash follicle or gland becomes clogged with oil or dirt, you may get a stye, and it looks like a small red pimple, usually with a yellowish surface. If you often suffer from this annoying disease, maybe you can try the following ways to prevent it. First, you can apply a warm compress right before bed, and 5 to 10 minutes is enough. Also you should always keep your eyes clean, because your eyes are easily infected because of dirt. Finally, don't rub your eyes very often, because stye may develop from this.