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Ariana oliver


Is myopia hereditary?

I have worn eyeglasses for about 8 years. In recently, I heard that people with myopia is hereditary. Is it mean that my child will be born with myopia from me ? If so, is there anything that i can do to stop it?
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  • baker


    Different people hold different ideas about whether myopia is hereditary or not. But hereditary does play a role in myopia. If a couple of parents are both myopic and they have strong prescription, their child may born to be nearsighted. While if one of the couple is nearsighted and the other is not, the trend of child's myopia is rare. But not all the children are nearsighted even though their parents are both myopic. So don't worry about it too much. To help your child to prevent myopia, I think that you'd better give him/her a proper and health diet.
  • David garcia


    After I have searched so much information, I find an American survey about this topic, it shows that only 6%-15% of children will be nearsighted if neither his parent is myopic. 23%-40% of the children develop myopia if there is one myopic parent. And 33%-60% pf children have myopia if both parents are myopic. That is to say, your child isn't bound to be myopic because of you. As far as I know, having a relaxing mood and developing a good diet may help you if you do want to prevent your "kid's" myopia.
  • Zoe Wang


    Myopia can be hereditary but not like the color of eyes or color blindness, which is more reliably passed from parent to child. Myopia is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. It seems to filter down through many generations.
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