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Carlos rodney


Can I improve my vision by looking at an eye chart every day?

I have myopia and I have printed out an eye chart. Can I improve my eye sight by looking at the chart from 20 feet away?
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  • eatmyhartout


    Unfortunately no. You can't improve your vision by just looking at an eye chart. It is useless. Additionally there is no scientific proof that you can improve your vision to any noticeable level by eating carrots, or other supplements or any form of eye exercises.
  • copelynrose


    Any form of eye excercise can't improve your vision to a better level if your vision is stable. The most effective and fast way to improve vision is by lasik surgery or wearing Ortho-k lenses.
  • Edward White


    No. Looking at an eye chart won't improve your vision. You should wear corrected lenses to help you see better. Or you can get lasik surgery when your vision has stabilized. To maintain your eyesight, you should not overuse your eyes and make them tired.