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Can children also wear Ortho-k lenses?

My child has myopia and he is not the right age to get lasik surgery. Can he wear Ortho-k lenses?
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  • Mark Cosgrove


    Since myopia is often diagnosed at an early age and progressively worsens until late adolescence, early ortho-k treatment offers a proven, reasonable method to significantly alter the progression of myopia from increasing over time. This is important because, if left untreated, high levels of myopia (nearsightedness) may also create increased risks for other eye diseases such as glaucoma and detached retinas.

    By wearing iSee ortho-k lenses to gently reshape your corneas, you or your child now have an alternative to glasses or daytime contact lenses that may correct your myopia and prevent nearsightedness progression.

    Ortho-k lenses are well tolerated by children because while their eyes are closed there is less lid sensation. Additionally, since they will be sleeping in their lenses they will not have to wear corrective lenses during the day. This means they can participate in a variety of activities, including sports, without worrying about glasses or contacts.In addition to Ortho-K corneal reshaping lenses providing nearly immediate results in correcting myopia, several studies also indicate that Ortho-K corneal refractive therapy lenses may help prevent myopia from worsening significantly in future.

    Traditionally, glasses and conventional daytime contact lenses have been prescribed to correct temporarily myopia. However, for children, and many young adults, this correction does not prevent their myopia from worsening over time thus requiring stronger prescription lenses to achieve the necessary level of correction.Visit for more information on iSee ortho-k lenses.
  • Luis lewis


    Children over 8 year old can also wear Ortho-k lenses. But if he has prescription stronger than -4.00 diopters of myopia and 1.50 D of astigmatism, Ortho-k lenses are not quite effective for him. Also people who have poor hygiene, inability to handle the lenses, severe dry eye, inflammations, infections and other problems are not good candidate for Ortho-k lenses.
  • David garcia


    Of course. People of any age can have who have Ortho-k lenses treatment if they get low to moderate amounts of myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. In fact, children can benefit from Ortho-k lenses greatly.