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Can cell phones damage your eyes?

I heard that too much cell phone use is bad for eyes. Is this true? Does cell phones damages eyes?
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  • Carlos rodney


    Cell phones can not damages eye directly, but staring cellphone for a long time can cause the tiredness of eyes, drying eyes, or even near sight. While, for I know that there are many people like reading novels or play games on the cellphone. To avoid those damages caused by staring cellphone for a long time, have a break every 30 minutes of use cell phone.
  • evelyn


    All the digital products are bad for eyes, because they'll let out radiation which can lead to visual deterioration, or other eye problem. Basically, cell phone doesn't let out too much radiation, but it follows with people all the time. So it's a huge danger. There's a kind of screen protector can reduce the radiation, then our eyes can get protect on a certain degree.
  • Ana clive


    lIt is true that long time focus on cell phone is harmful to eyes, which may cause many eye problems, such as symptoms of dry, sore and blur of eyes. Since cell phones merely have a small screen and strong radiations, too much use of cell phone may also lead to near sight, eye dry sore eyes and so on. Therefore in order to protect your eyes, you can shorten the time of focus your eyes on small phone screen, or just wearing a pair of computer glasses to protect your eyes from radiations when you have to spend a long time on using cell phones.