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Randy C


Why does the corner of my eye feel bruised?

The corner of my eyes feel bruised. What causes it? Is there anyway that i can reduce such feeling?
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  • Calvin


    In my opinion, you may get the nasal cavity infection, rather than the eye itself. You can take a warm compress to the infected area to reduce painful feeling. Using some antibiotic eye drops prescribed by professional doctor will help you get rid of painful feeling. If the two ways cannot release your pain, you can go to hospital for help.
  • Allison


    Well, it seems that your eyes are not in good condition. Generally speaking, a lot of causes could give rise to bruised eyes, such as a lack of sleep, red eyes, a cold, etc. Therefore, it would be wise for you to identify the possible causes for the bruised eyes and take some effective measures to deal with it. Maybe you should get some eye drops and consult an eye doctor.
  • Jackson raphael


    Your eyes may touch the things with pointed aspects. You'd better check whether your eyes get infection from the bruised eyes. Your eyes may feel hurt. You could use some eye drops with no irritating materials to release the symptom. You should not eat spicy food which may make the eye problems get serious.

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