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How can i do to clean polycarbonate lenses?

I bought a pair of eyeglasses with polycarbonate lenses. But it is dirty right now. How can i clean the lenses?
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  • bell


    If lenses contaminated, you can wipe with a soft towel or lens cleaning cloth. The lens stained indelibly dirt, you should rinse with water; if stained with grease, detergent behind decontamination and clean with water, then use soft tissue or glasses cloth dry. Avoid scraping with a sharp hard object tick. When cleaning glasses, you must be sure to use clean special lens cleaning cloth, and wrap gently. Of course, lenses should be avoided contacting with the organic solvent, to avoid close to high temperature and fire source.
  • David garcia


    It is easy to clean your polycarbonate lenses. Just wash your lenses in tap water. If your polycarbonate lenses are too dirty, you are suggested to use warm water. You can rinse your lenses in warm water with a little bit of mild soup soap liquid. Then, rub your lenses gently. At last, clean it with tap water and dry the lenses with eyeglasses cloth. Hope this can help you.