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Do oval eyeglasses go well with a long face?

I have a long face and a pointed chin. Will oval eyeglasses look good on me? What face shape do oval glasses go well with?
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  • Elijah walker


    Technically, the oval glasses will go well with you. But you shall try on to see if it is really suitable for you. Apart from oval eyeglasses, you can also try square glasses frames that are likely to flatter your faces. To get good look, just wearing a pair of suitable are not enough, you'd better make up a suitable hair style and outfit so as to enhance your look in whole. Good luck.
  • EDGAR Schneider


    Long face means that your face is much longer than it is wide. People with a long face should wear glasses that can make their fces shortened so that their faces don't look much longer. For this shaped face, a pair of round or square-shaped frame glasses can suit them fine. What's more, the oval shaped glasses can suit people with a long face, too. You can go to an optical store to try them on and see whether they will look good on you.

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