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What face shape go best with round sunglasses?

I just spot these round sunglasses in my nearby store. What face shape go best with round sunglasses?
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  • Robert


    Though most people believe that we shall choose sunglasses that contrast out face shape. But that are not exactly true. If we follow the rule, round sunglasses may only suit for people with square face shape. In fact, there are many people that are not with sqaure face buy still look great with round sunglasses. For example, people with oval face, long face, ad well a triangular face still look good in round sunglasses. So, you shall free from theory and try on round sunglasses to test it out yourself.
  • Susan Wright


    round sunglasses won't go well with a round face. So when you go to choose sunglasses, you'd better not choose sunglasses with the same shape as your face. Personally, round sunglasses would work best on an a heart-shape face because they can help soften your chin and draw attention to your eyes. In addition, an oval face can suit any type of sunglasses. So round sunglasses may look good on an oval face. But they best type of glasses for an oval face must be glasses with angular frames.