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What are the traits of women's glasses?

Glasses for men and women tend to be much similar now, is there any special traits of women's glasses that I can distinguish it from men's glasses easily?
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  • taylor


    I don't know. Usually, before i buy eyeglasses, i will ask them if the glasses for men or women, or unisex. Sometimes, i just pick one that look good on me no matter it is men's glasses or women's glasses. In fact, i think there is no need to distinct them clearly. As long as the eyeglasses enhance your look and meet your vision requirements, who cares you wearing women's glasses or men's glasses.
  • Mackenzie raphael


    Women have more choices to select different styles and colors than men. women glasses tend to have more decorations and patterns than glasses for men. But nowadays, many optical stores tend to sell unisex glasses that are suitable for both men and women. So whether the glasses are for men or for women, as long as they look good on you, you can wear them. However, choosing glasses that suit you fine depends on your own feature. You should try them on and see whether they will fit you.
  • Chelsey


    This year, there are several fashionable traits for women to choose a pair of stylish glasses. In the first place, you can choose some glasses that are made of different material, for that is really an important element of this year's dressing fashion. Then, you can pick some glasses in bright colors, especially the ones in fruit colors. It can help to make you look energetic and younger. At last, you should also pay attention to the size of your glasses. The bigger ones are trendier this year. What's more, vintage glasses and aviator glasses can also be your good choices, as well as those cat eye glasses, round glasses and nerd glasses.

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