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Can i wear yellow framed glasses with blue eyes?

I have blue eyes and am considering to get a pair of yellow framed glasses. Will it look good with my blue eyes?
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  • Carlos quick


    You can have try. I like yellow frames glasses because it make people look energetic and young. But i don't know if yellow frames suit for blue eyes or not. You shall try a pair of yellow glasses frames to test it out yourself. If you don't have yellow glasses frames and don't want to drive for glasses shop, you can try on at some online glasses shop. Most of online glasses shop now provide Virtual try-on system which allow you Try on with your photos.
  • Jerry H.


    Though the eye color is not the main factor to determine the color of the glasses frame, they should also be taken into consideration when choosing glasses. If you have blue eyes, you can choose glasses frames with red or orange families, such as True red, watermelon red, cherry red, and Chinese red colors which can bring out your blue eyes effectively. Thus yellow framed glasses won't go well with your blue eyes.

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