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Faith fergus


What to do if you get a fire extinguisher sprayed in your eyes?

It is really bad that i got some fire extinguisher sprayed in my eyes. What should i do right now? Any suggestions?
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  • elstrider


    Well, it seems that your eyes have got some troubles. Actually, the fire extinguisher is made up of a series of chemical compounds such as NO2, CO2,stuff like that, all of which could be very harmful to your eyes. Right now, you must not rub your eyes despite the unbearable feeling. Just try to wash your eyes, then head to a professional hospital for reliable treatment. Do not hesitate, because such substance could lead to blindness.
  • crush_star


    As we all known, fire extinguisher contains many chemicals. firstly, you must wash your eyes with water. in case that residual chemical product have not stayed in your eyes, you should lift your upper and lower eyelids; then, you must go to see a doctor, if you still feel not so good.