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Is it weird to wear sunglasses in winter?

i have never worn sunglasses in winter but ive seen some peope people do it. Do you think it weird or cool?
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  • evelyn 2


    well, if you think wearing sunglasses is supposed to be a wierd thing, then all the celebrities in sunglasses also look weird! could it be possible? of course not! sunglasses play an key role in fashion house and there is no boundery for fashion in each season. personally, i think it is chic to put on a pair of sunglasses compliments your characteristic well! so, don't be hesitate, just keep on with the jonness.
  • ellochkablecy


    Personally, it is normal to wearing sunglasses in winter not weird. You know, there always some people wearing dark sunglasses to be cool. Or there are some people with sensitive eyes that they need sunglasses to protect their eyes from all kinds of lights. Still i heard that people after lasik surgery also need to shield eyes from all kinds of lights. Anyway, there are UV rays even in winter but not so strong as summer's UV rays. So, wearing sunglasses can shield eyes.
  • carolynx66


    Of course it is not weird to wear sunglasses in winter. Wearing sunglasses is to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays and it does exist in winter. So it is necessary and fashion to wear sunglasses in winter and it is not weird. There are two kinds of sunglasses in winter which you can choose. One kind is to wear when it is not snow and the other kind is to protect your eyes from snow light reflex which could cause snow blindness.
  • eeniemeenie005


    Having a nice pair of sunglass can help to show your good taste and it is suitable for each season, including winter. We have to wear more cloth to keep warm in winter, which make us look a little fat and dumb. We need to add some colorful elements to our whole dressing and the sunglass is definitely a good choice for us. Wearing a sunglass in winter, especially some ones in bright colors can help us look more outstanding and energetic. Many people don't know that there are also ultraviolet rays in winter, as well as rainy and cloudy days. Therefore, wearing sunglass in winter can also help to protect us from the harm of UV.
  • Zoe Wang


    No, it is common to wear sunglasses in summer. In common, most of people think sunglasses are summer accessories and we needn't sunglasses in winter since there is no strong sunlight. However, we still need shield our eyes with sunglasses in winter. That because the UV rays in the sunshine still exist in the air. So, wearing sunglasses is still necessary in the winter.
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