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How to take care of my Channel sunglasses?

I just bought a pair of Channel sunglasses and they are so expensive. How should I take care of them?
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  • california_babi


    Never remove your Chanel sunglasses with only one hand, you should remove them with your both hands instead to avoid damaging your Channel sunglasses. Often wipe off the sweat on your face to avoid them touching your glasses frame and lens coatings, or it will get damaged. Often clean your Channel sunglasses with a microfiber cloth every time you use them to prevent the buildup of dirt and other harmful particles.
  • Dazza


    In fact, taking care of Channel sunglasses is the same as you keeping other sunglasses. In detail, you shall always remove your Chanel sunglasses with both hands: Clean the sunglasses everyday to make them always look clean and bright: And regularly check the screws in case any screw will loss. What's more, you shall always keep the sunglasses in dry and cool places and avoid places like dash of your car etc.
  • walkingcaine


    In the first place, you should avoid putting it in your bag randomly, for it may be scratched. The sunglass should be put in its own case with a piece of cloth around it. Then, you should attach great importance to its cleaning. You can choose some certain kind of cleaner that suits your sunglass and clean it once a week. At last, you’d better be more careful when using it. Try not to break them carelessly or touch the lens with your fingers.

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