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Can wearing glasses make my eyes sink in?

I have poor vision and have to wear eyeglasses. But my friend said that long time wearing glasses can make my eyes sink in. Is that true?
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    Well, as far as I know, your assumption seems to be incorrect. Because according to some cases, by wearing glasses for much too long, it is possible that we will get prominent eyes, rather than sunken eyes. Actually, you can just take it easy, there would be no problems if you have no reliance on glasses. Just wear them when necessary ok? Hope you find this useful. Maybe contacts are suitable for you.
  • etilnus


    No, wearing glasses can't make your eye sink in. Wearing glasses can just make your eyes smaller or larger. What's more, they can help you correct your vision. If you wear glasses for a very long time, on the side of your nose may appear red circles and your eyes may protruding a little than them used to be.
  • Geoff Beckett


    No, this is an unjustified fact. As we become older, there will produce some changes in facial skin, especially around the eyes including the eye lid. In that case. People would like to owe it to wearing glasses. Actually, it is just a difference in the appearance before and after you start wearing